Our mission

To be the most reliable pellet producer in the world

Our vision

To globally develop the usage of renewable energy

Our goal

To produce and supply environmentally friendly and high-quality products

Business activity

Graanul Invest group is the biggest producer of wood pellets in Europe.

AS Graanul Invest is a privately owned company, established in  2003, and works with forestry, development of bioenergy and the production of renewable energy.

The company has had fast development and grown to be the biggest producer of pellets in Europe. 

The capacity of Graanul Invest group  is 2 300 000 tons of pellets per year.

During development of the company  the existing factories have been modernised as well as build new factories to decrease the environmental impact of production and improve the general well-being of the environment.

Environmentally friendly energy

Pellets constitute a 100% renewable natural resource and are sustainable source of energy.

Pellets constitute a solid biological fuel, being one of the most convenient and effective sources of renewable energy.

In the production process of pellets the woody biomass (sawdust, shavings and firewood) is first chipped, then dried and milled into dust, pressed and finally cooled.

This process results in the production of pellets with the diameter of 6 – 8 mm. Pellets do not contain any additives besides natural wood. Pellets due to uniform quality and dimensions  can be conveniently used in automatic household heating solutions as well as in automated industrial systems.

Pellets are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of renewable energy. 

Burning pellets release as much carbon dioxide as is absorbed from the atmosphere by the growth cycle of the trees that are used as raw material in the production process of pellets.

12. June 2018 /

Graanul Invest published 2017 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report gives overview of group main activities and achievements and describes the economic, social and environmental impact on the surrounding environment.

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